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In interpreting a contract subject to the foreign-language translation law, the signed English contract determines the rights and duties of the parties. However, if there is a substantial difference between the English contract and the foreign-language translation, the law states that this may show that no contract was ever entered into.

Ball’s Treatise, Canadian Employment Law

Experience in preparing and depositing applications, appeals and all sorts of documents, accomplishment of verifications at the municipal and state administration and the court authorities, co-operation when applying and obtaining a Bulgarian citizenship.

Did the employee receive sufficient and adequate warnings?

Was there sufficient insubordination or insolence to justify cause for dismissal?

Experience in preparing all sorts of documents – applications, appeals, standpoints, contracts, notary deeds, etc., registration of Bulgarian and foreign companies, delegation at the court, state and municipal authorities, preparation of visas and co-operation for obtaining stay permits for foreigners.

This document should be no longer than 2 pages in length.

The business must give the consumer a foreign-language translation of the original contract and any subsequent documents that modify the original contract or substantially change the rights and obligations of the parties. A notice of repossession and deficiency under Civil Code section 2983.2 is a document that substantially affects a consumer's rights under an automobile financing contract.

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This notice need only be displayed at those locations where the foreign language is used. (The notice is not required to be given by providers of legal services or those who make or arrange loans secured by real property.)

At the same time and place where any contract is entered into following negotiations primarily in one of the foreign languages listed above, a notice of the consumer's rights must be displayed. This notice must be written in the language of the negotiation and must be conspicuously displayed. The notice must inform consumers of their rights under this law.

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