The Tree of Knowledge at dusk in Arcadia

Janine Utell, who will take us through the English garden styles that form the backdrop to , exploring how Stoppard uses changing landscapes as a motif to explore his themes of progress, knowledge, and the mythical Arcadia of poets and painters.

There are two sorts of knowledge in Arcadia: the knowledge of love and academic knowledge

Presented By: Skylar Cran, Bryan Yu, Mary Kremer, and Bailey Smith

Superfluous:Being more than is sufficient or required; excessive.

Pneumatically:Operated by air or by exhaustion or pressure of air.

Caravansary:Any large in or hotel.

Nomenclature:The names or terms comprising a set or system.

Cosmopolite:A person who is cosmopolitan in his or her ideas, life, etc.; citizens of the world.

Inanition:Exhaustion from the lack of nourishment or starvation.

Patronym:A name derived from a father or ancestor; a surname or family name.

Effusiveness:Unduly demonstrative; lacking reserve.
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This seems particularly evident in Arcadia, a play obsessed with knowledge of many kinds

To me, learning is the most fun thing in the world and I love sharing knowledge and seeing students eyes' light up when a connection or understanding is made.