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During the test, the student can cheat in two basic ways: refer to contraband materials or get help from another person. I have already mentioned the use of programmable calculators. Students occasionally wear earphone tape recorders to tests. I require them to give me the cassette. Less technologically sophisticated but effective is hiding written material under clothing, which is awkward to prove for obvious reasons.

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Bridget, so sorry to hear. I would concentrate on lifestyle improvements to reduce symptoms. So, in your case, liver problems and diabetes could be interlinked, and a special diet, moderate exercise and gradual weight loss (about 10% of your body weight over a few months) would really help. High blood pressure has been linked to thyroid disorders, so work closely with your doctor on a correct dosage. Ask your doctor about pain relief, as acetaminophen is slightly toxic to the liver.

How to Get Higher Marks in Exams

Have you got an important test coming up that you really want to ace

Drivers must adjust their speed for curves in the road. If you take a curve too fast, two things can happen. The tires can lose their traction and continue straight ahead, so you skid off the road. Or, the tires may keep their traction and the vehicle rolls over. Tests have shown that trucks with a high center of gravity can roll over at the posted speed limit for a curve.