John Proctor had always things on his mind.

The Nurse clan had been in the fraction that kept Bailey's taking office (pg 1272)."
Elizabeth is the loving wife of John Proctor, but she has a new rival.

Most importantly, John Proctor respected himself.Enter: Abigail, the play's antagonist.

In accordance with these instructions, Newport set out from Jamestown as soon as home defense could be temporarily organized. He explored the Powhatah, as the river was called by the Indians, as far as the falls: His party consisted of twenty-three adventurers. Among them was Captain John Smith who had been released from confinement after arriving in Virginia when it was found, upon opening the sealed instructions given by the London Company, that Smith was appointed a Member of the Council. Smith had not as yet been permitted to act with the Council though his worth was recognized by Newport in such an expedition as he was embarking upon. This fact probably saved the little party from destruction, for upon reaching "Turkey Island" an Indian was added to the party, as interpreter, who evidently could converse in the Spanish language. Smith having spent some time in the wars of Spain, was familiar with this tongue.

One such character is John Proctor.

The central character in Salem is John Proctor, an outspoken, successful, and well-respected farmer who chooses to maintain a certain distance from the church.

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When we are first introduced to John Proctor, we learn of his affair with Abigail Williams, Abigail's involvement in the accusations of witchcraft, and of John's desire to do what is honorable....

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Decisions made by John Proctor in Miller's play, the Crucible, illustrate that life is full of hard decisions that can bring hardship but sometimes turn out to be for the best.

but committed lechery with John Proctor and was ..

(Miller, 138)
The Crucible
by Arthur Miller during the time of chaos there are two personalities that collide, Abigail Williams and John Proctor.

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Being a leader in comparison to a follower is that the leader keeps things in motion similar to Abigail Williams, on the other hand a follower is just enjoying the ride which is John Proctor.

John Proctor, The Crucible's protagonist, has ..

We never touched, Abby.” (Miller, 23)
John Proctor tried to keep the town sane by being honest and keeping his integrity to counter act the selfish acts of Abigail.
Leader vs.

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In 1622, John 'Mason and Sir Fernando Gorges were granted land between the Merrimac and Sagahadoc by the Grand Council of Plymouth. Their settlement was near the present site of Dover, and was the beginning of the present state of New Hampshire. In 1628 a charter was granted the Massachusetts Bay Company, and Salem was settled the following year. Boston was founded (1630) by Winthrop and 1,000 colonists.