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The themes of along with discrepancies of various denominations, American politics and foreign policies, Vietnam war, and life in New England small towns among other similar subplots shape the backdrop of this book. Themes and elements which fall entirely outside my general reading genre. Even so, I believe we sometimes should from our comfort zone both in life and in our reading. This most highly acclaimed book of the 20th century has to have something in store for me, I thought. Perhaps I will develop a new sense of appreciation and expand my horizons. Perhaps I will meet an unforgettable character or read the most memorable expression. Thus it is this impartial and patient mindset with which I set out to read and finish ‘s “A Prayer for Owen Meany”.

But, if anyone can make that generation relive it, it would be John Irving in this book.
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While I praise Irving for the many traits mentioned, all of which attribute to the building blocks of his wonderful novel, I wish he had done a few things differently. Taking an of the 1960s politics and would be impossible, I imagine, for anyone who is touched by it but did it have to be such a central theme in Johnny’s story telling? Did he have to go on and on about the policies of the Reagan administration, the problems in his view with America’s foreign policies, and repeat ever so many times his indignation and criticism of Americans and American politics? Not only did I find those commentaries off-putting, (not to mention the questionable accuracies of either view when it comes to politics), I found no real place for them in the context of the novel.

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Written by John Irving

Owen Meany, the only child of a New Hampshire granite quarrier, believes he is God's instrument; he is.
This is John Irving's most comic novel, yet Owen Meany is Mr. Irving's most heartbreaking character.
"Roomy, intelligent, exhilarating and darkly comic...Dickensian in scope....Quite stunning and very ambitious."
"John Irving is an abundantly and even joyfully talented storyteller."

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It is for Owen Meany that I read this book. I loved the character, mindset, thoughts, actions, words, perspective and impact of this small boy who never grows and his strange voice which never changes. It is in fact he who grows to full adulthood and maturity in thought and spirit while his body remains forever small. Through his strange voice, articulated with all capital letters throughout the book, I distinctly felt . In all situations, Owen epitomizes faith, loyalty, friendship, belief, service, kindness and generosity. The most strange circumstances and odd events test the unshaken faith of Owen and the absent faith of Johnny. Perhaps Johnny had to develop faith as a result of witnessing what he could only explain as miracles of intuition, and perhaps Owen Meany was just a big miracle in a small size. Whatever your thoughts may be, you will never forget the voice and presence of Owen Meany.

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I think a book is worth the read even if you can which you wish to remember. In “A Prayer for Owen Meany”, I did that countless times, and in the spirit of sharing them, I quote a select few of those fabulous passages below:

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If there were no room for doubt, there would be no room for me.- Frederick Buechner In the novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving, Owen Meany’s belief of predestination makes a significant impact on John Wheelwright’s emotional stability as an adult....