Here's what our experience was when we were Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses may object and say they have gotten away with doing some of the things on this list. This is very true. The rules are not quite as important as loyalty to the organization.

Have best friends and activity buddies who are not Jehovah's Witnesses. (See  and #4)

In 1984, Harrison Reed wrote a letter to the Dawn Bible Students explaining how he was disfellowshipped for going back to our Early Watchtower roots. Read this amazing letter and follow Brother Reed on his journey beginning as a faithful follower of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Brother Harrison’s conscience is awakened as he considers how the

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[] Leonard Chretien, Witnesses of Jehovah (Eugene, Or: Harvest House Publishers, 1988), p. 197.

When talking about things they can't do or are not allowed to do, there are 'gray' areas. Some things, they 'must' not do. Other things they shouldn't do. Some things are not recommended. And some things are a matter conscience. Faithful Jehovah's Witnesses often feel guilty that they might be doing something to displease God. Some consult with elders or write the Society's headquarters for guidance to make sure they haven't displeased Jehovah.

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Second, teach Witnesses that transfusions do not constitute eating. Contrary to the Society's position, receiving a blood transfusion is not the same as eating blood. Food is "eaten," either through oral consumption or intravenous infusion, and then digested in order to provide the body with necessary nutrients that can only be obtained externally from the body. Norman Geisler explains: "Eating is the literal taking in of food in the normal manner through the mouth and into the digestive system. The reason intravenous injections are referred to as 'feeding' is because the ultimate result is that, through intravenous injection, the body receives the nutrients that it normally would receive by eating."[] Blood transfusions, on the other hand, are simply the replenishment of an essential substance that is normally resident in the body. James Sire states that "a transfusion replenishes the supply of essential, life-sustaining fluid that has otherwise drained away or become incapable of performing its vital tasks in the body. A blood transfusion is not even equivalent to intravenous feeding because the blood so given does not function as food."[] Because the physiological process involved with consuming and digesting food differs dramatically from the circulation of blood, the Jehovah's Witnesses' doctrine is easily seen to be incorrect.

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The text of this web page was originally published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a pamphlet titled “JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES”.
It is used here with permission.

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Wear military uniforms or clothing associated with war ('In time, the government ordered me and a number of other young Witnesses to report for military service. We went to the military base as ordered, but we respectfully refused to put on the uniform. The officials held us in custody, and soon afterward a court sentenced us to six months in prison. We were also incarcerated for the eight months required for military service. So we spent a total of 14 months in prison because of our neutral stand.' WT, Apr 1, 2006, Article: 'Life Story Determined to Serve Jehovah, Subtitle: 'My Determination Grows', 4th par)