Salinger's A Perfect Day for Bananafish At first glance, J.D.

- Actress, Movies
- Roger Rabitt, Cotton Club, Ex-Kibbutznik
- One of the Three Stooges -
(Samuel "Shemp Howard" Horowitz)
musician (James Newell Osterberg, Jr.)
- Actress
- Actress, Voice of Marge Simpson
- Philanthropist, Song-and-Dance Man
(Actor: Pulp Fiction, The Piano, etc)
- Musician, Songwriter
- Actress/Exotica
- Dire Straits - Actress / Hunter
- Director - ''2004", "A Clockwork Orange", Etc.
- Porn Star
- Musician, Winner of Grammy Awards
- Latka on Taxi, Strange Humorist, Saturday Night Live Guest
- Fashion Designer
- TV Star-Friends - Actress
- Actress
- Singer, Skeptic, Husband of
- Lead Singer
and Bass Player of the Band Rush
- Actress - Knots Landing
- Actress, TV Show "Savannah"
- Musician, Singer
- Klezmer Singer Extraordinaire
- Reggae Artist (father was Jewish, mother negro)
- Comedian
- Comedian
- Comedian, Actor
Martins, Luciano Costa - brazilian musician (mother mulatta, father indian/jewish)
- World Series Yankee Hero - Jewish Boy, 12, Who Deflected a Home
Run - ER Actress

Salinger Jerome David Salinger, known as J.D., is an American short story writer and novelist.

Jerry Ohrbach - Actor
David Milch - Co-producer/writer of NYPD Blue
Bill Pullman - actor Jewish?
Yaphet Kotto - famous actor
Adam Horowitz - Musician (Beastie Boys)
Amos Elon - Israeli writer and journalist
Lisa Edelstein - actress/Relativity
Boris Pasternak - Russian writer
Camryn Manheim - actress (The Practice)
Rick Rubin - Record producer/Def jam co-founder
Andy Ackerman - producer/director (Cheers, Frasier, Seinfeld)
Eddie Fisher - Singer
Georges Bizet-composer of Carmen, Symphony in C
Clifford Odetts-playwright (Golden Boy)
Michael Rappaport - actor
Eugene Ormandy- conductor (purveyor of the Philadelphia sound)
rob schneider - actor/comedian
Roy Lichtenstein- painter
Artur Rubinstein- pianist
John Rubinstein- actor (Family; son of Artur)
Jessica Walter- actress

Salinger's works start out in bad situations.

G - WPIX New York weatherman
Selma Diamond - late gravelly voiced actress from Night Court
Polly Draper - actress (Thirtysomething) Jewish?
Dorothy Rothschild Parker - author and Algonquin wit
Joshua Redman - saxaphonist, Jewish mom
Malcolm McLaren--manager/impresario of the Sex Pistols
Allen Garfield (Goorwitz) - actor
Zohra Lampert - actress
Peter Wolf - Musician
David Susskind - producer
Dan Greenburg - author ('How to be a Jewish Mother')
Sheldon Leonard - late actor/producer
michael lembeck - actor/director
Sonny Fox - children's TV producer/host
Stuart Pankin - former host of HBO *Not Necessarily the News
Bruno Bauer - conductor
Sherwood Schwartz - Creator Of Gilligans Isle
Renee Taylor - Actress (The Nanny) Jewish?
Paul Muni - Actor(Realname Muni Weisenfreund)
Shalom Aleichem-Yiddish Writer
Emma Lazarus - poet ('Give me your tired, your poor,..' from the Statue of
Jonathon Lipnicki - child actor/ Jerry Maguire
Alan Gratzer and Kevin Cronin-musician of REO Speedwagon
Doug Feiger - Musician, The Knack
John Leguizamo-Colombian actor/comedian (Jewish?)
Menahem Golan - Israeli producer/director
Phobe Levy Pember --Confederate Civil War Heroine
Gregg Woodman - The Sidewinder
Jean-Luc Godard- filmmaker
Rick Moranis actor
kim greist - actress: chicago hope/homeward bound
Anthony Newley - singer/composer/actor
Kitty Carlisle-panelist on What's My Line (real last name: Conn)
Claude Rains - Actor (Casablanca)
David Mamet - director-writer (The Verdict, Hoffa)
Allen Ginsberg-all time greatest American poet
Artur Rubenstein - piano virtuoso
Andy Kaufmann - taxi-comic
Dina Sfat, Brazilian actress
William Daniels - actor St.

An introduction to the controversial writer j d salinger

nelson actor-coach
Yaasha Heifitz - Famous Violinist
Robby Benson Robert Segal-actor/director
Giora Fiedman - klezmer musician
Richard Kaufman (Ricky The K) - Disc Jockey
Brody Stevens - Comedian and Cable Access TV host in Seattle
Judd Nelson - Actor, Suddenly Susan, The Breakfast Club
Tina Louise - Actress (Gilligan's 'Ginger' - origin of the Hebrew word 'Jinji')
larry david writer-producer
Keith Moon - The Who ( Reputedly Jewish )
james spader - actor Jewish?
Elsa Morante, Italian author
Barbara Walters - US television broadcaster
Irwin Chusid- Writer, Record Producer, Radio Personality and Bon Vivant
donna karan - designer
Lawrence Harvey - born Skikne - actor
Judy Kuhn - Broadway Actress (Voice of Pocahontes)
Danielle Harris - Actress
sara gilbert actress-roseanne
patricia wettig - actress-thirtysomething
Leah Remini - actress , sitcom Fired Up
Ricki Lake - talk show hostess
Steven Spielberg - producer, director
Andrew Norden - Pre-Medical lover of women
John Garfield - actor
melanie mayron - thirtysomething
Pinchas Zuckerman -- violinist
Garson Gershon Kanin - actor
Cloris Leachman - actress
Franz Kafka - author
Francesca Neville - Shakespearean actress
Arnold Schoenberg - Composer
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen - author
Gary Schandling - Comedian
Mark Reizen - Great Russian bass, "probably the greatest bass voice Russia ever
mike ogulnick - one on one sports radio network anchor
Burt Ward - actor, Robin from Batman Jewish?
Audrey Landers - actress
James Concord Douglas
Estelle Getty - Actress (Sophia, Golden Girls)
Matthew Kuchta -- first porn star with inch penis
Harlan Ellison-Science fiction writer
Morley Safer - Television journalist ( Minutes)
Jack Carter - Comedy
Bill Graham - Late rock promoter extrodinaire
Howie Morris - comedian (Your Show of Shows)
audrey hepburn
Sophie Tucker Abuza - performer ''last of the red hot mamas'
Paul Auster - author and poet
Steven P.

J D Salinger Death - J D Salinger Net Worth

Jewish Mom
Yehudi Menuhin, world class Violonist
Tim Burton - Brilliant Director
brian bloom - actor
Michael Bolton - Singer

Beatrice Arthur - Actress (Dorothy, Golden Girls)
Hillel Slovak - Late guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers
Victor Borge (Borge Rosenbaum) Pianist and Humourist
Mike Wallace - Television journalist
joey slotnick - actor/single guy
Joe T Turri - Famous NY house music producer
Harry Reems- 'Big' porn star of the 's
Cindy Margolis- Model and Cyberpinup
Fyvush Finkel - Actor/Entertainer - Picket Fences
Jennifer Grey - Actress (Baby, Dirty Dancing)
justine bateman - actress
clio goldsmith actress
Totie Fields - comedienne
Bernie Bernstein - Musician, Punk Band,'Hector'
Matityahu Glazerson - Author of Mystical Books/Composer
Dinah Shore - singer and TV star
Marat Galperin - athlete, entertainer, and regulator.
Wolf Blitzer - CNN Journalist
Peter Lorre - ne Ladislav Loewenstein, Actor
Ben Stiller - Actor/Director
craig t.