Scholarships already pay for individuals’ education.

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The interaction of these multiple stressors presents a unique problem for the college student athlete, and evidence suggests that the combination of these stressors has a negative affect on their well-being.

Leisure, stress, and coping: The sport participation of collegiate student-athletes.
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This is especially true for the college freshman student-athlete who is facing multiple new challenges arising from athletic, academic and social demands.

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Despite the fact that paying college athletes is banned some of them still get paid anyway.
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As for myself being a college football player, I know what it is like to struggle with income in college and not having money to pay for certain/basic needs of the college life.

Paying college athletes is not ethical

As will be discussed below, similar to previous studies (Humphrey et al., 2000; Papanikolaou et al., 2003), we found that college student-athlete’s stressors differ in a variety of ways from their non-athlete counterparts.

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Because athletes often represent an “at-risk” student group in terms of college academic success, it is important to identify the unique sources of stresses experienced during the first semester freshman year for the student-athlete.

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College athletes should receive some form of compensation for participation in collegiate sports due to the hardships they endure, a failure of scholarships to cover all expenses , the exploitation of college athletes by the colleges and universities they play for, a disparity between coaches’ and players’ compensation, and the hypocrisy of National Collegiate Athletic Association’s rules....

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Although several studies have examined isolated sources of stress in college athlete populations (e.g., health concerns) or athlete specific stressors (e.g., missing class for team-related travel and having to make up work), few studies have examined a wide variety of stressors that affect both athlete and non-athlete populations to ascertain how athletes might be more or less affected by traditional sources of college student stress.

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Since the National Collegiate Athletic Association, more commonly known as the NCAA, was founded as a non-profit organization in 1906(....), much has changed, but one thing that has not changed is the Association's goal, that goal being to protect players from being exploited and ensure their right to fair treatment.(....) In order for the NCAA to uphold their guidelines, universities cannot not pay their athletes....