Death penalty is not advocated for all criminals.

That is probably why the vast majority of people around the world favor capital punishment, because the death penalty never treats even the most hypothetical and highly unlikely of risks involved in its use with nearly as much contempt and disregard as abolitionists habitually treat countless of real life incidents as a consequence of their agenda.

Firstly, I believe that death penalty serves as a deterrent and helps in reducing crime.

Pregnant Women.
The execution of pregnant women is anathema to the rights of the child set forth in the Quran and Sunna, although the woman may be sentenced to death. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has ratified the Revised Arab Charter on Human Rights, which prohibits execution of pregnant women as contrary to the interests of the infant.

What is the death penalty some might ask....

The greater cost of trials where the prosecution does seek the death penalty is offset, at least in part, by the savings from avoiding trial altogether in cases where the defendant pleads guilty.

Cruel, Unusual and Arbitrary The death penalty is ineffective and ..

Terrorism-Related Offenses Not Resulting in Death.
By Fatwa issued on August 30, 1988, acts of terrorism (as “corruption on earth”) carry the statutory mandatory death penalty; the Fatwa does not specify that such acts must result in death, and its ambit is unclear.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of the death penalty, ..

For years, opponents have improperly compared the cost of all LWOP cases to DP cases, when only the DP equivalent LWOP cases are relevant.Annual cost increases are based upon: 1) historical increases in prison costs, including judicial decisions regarding prison conditions,and the national inflation rate; 2) medical costs, including the immense cost of geriatric care, associated with real LWOP sentences; 3) injury or death to the inmate by violence; 4) injury or death to others caused by the inmate (3 and 4 anticipate no DP and that prisoners, not fearing additional punishment, other than loss of privileges, may increase the likelihood of violence.

A+, Is the Death Penalty Effective

Terrorism-Related Offenses Resulting in Death.
By Fatwa issued on August 30, 1988, acts of terrorism (as “corruption on earth”) carry the mandatory death penalty; the ambit of this Fatwa is unclear.

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Other Offenses Resulting in Death.
Killing without intent may be punishable by death as hadd, but probably not as qisas. The penalty may apply to all participants in an armed robbery resulting in death, regardless of individual cause or intent.

The Facts: 13 Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty

Drug Trafficking Resulting in Death.
According to Amnesty International, under a Fatwa issued March 11, 1987 the death penalty became mandatory for a number of drug offenses; under Royal Decree no. 39 of 2005, the death penalty apparently became discretionary for drug trafficking. However, a killing during drug trafficking might be treated as a hadd or qisas offense, depending on the circumstances.