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: As part of the statutory compliance, all companies which are legally registered in Singapore will be required to submit an ECI along with Form C as part of their annual tax returns to IRAS. An ECI is an estimate of the company’s chargeable income for the Year of Assessment.

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Through a mix of personal and professional reflections, the workshop will enable participants to create their own unique storytelling toolkit – full of games, exercises and stories that can be directly applied to their own practice. The workshop will provide practical methods of adapting stories to meet the needs of specific groups. It will focus on the ways in which we ensure that the storytelling is delivered in a safe, sensitive and professional way and will provide the skills needed to ensure that the stories we tell are made more inclusive and relatable to diverse audiences.

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: CorpPass is utilised by businesses and other entities such as associations or non-profit organisations as a digital business identity. This identity helps them complete transactions with Government agencies which are done online. CorpPass is a requirement for all local entities who bear a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and any foreign company who wants to access the Government-to-Business digital services in Singapore.