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Even though the Herudians haven’t had a Golden Age in thousands of years, their connection to their Ascended masters and Saints haven’t been lost, and this spirituality is the one that will take them to a new golden age. That will happen at the same time that our planet ascends to a higher vibration. For now, we can only be grateful for their presence on our planet, as these noble beings protect us from the Zeta Reticuli and have prevented and stopped many of their evil plans. Like they once telepathically said to us in a form of a joke: “We are not here to run in a race track for sure”

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The ruling world powers know that keeping the masses in fear and chaos and endlessly distracted is their greatest lever of control.
The fear and loathing of the Power Elite is a unified race nation who cannot be manipulated.

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THE BEAST IS SILENT A personal story by "Michael" -- a survivor of clergy abuse

They help us every time they can, but they do it using their human judgment, and you know that human judgment is not always perfect. Most of the plots created by the Zetas and Yukonadious are disassembled by the Aeorians. If the Yuko’s try a massive change in the atmosphere by using chemicals they neutralize their substances. If the Zetas try to invade the space of a big city or abduct people who are flying on commercial planes (that’s the way they change their clones for humans) they intercept their attempts… and so on.