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(Added 12/13/09) Pacifism: If, as just war theorists maintain, the use of arms is justifiable only as a last resort for the resolution of conflicts, then it is incumbent upon anyone who would propose a just war already to have studied, and to have exhaustively considered or pursued, the full range of non-violent alternatives.

A just war is one fought for the sake of the pacifist's idealistic goal: lasting peace and justice.
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This is the reason why nearly every major figure in the just war tradition, from Augustine and Aquinas to Grotius and Walzer, has argued that warfare is only ever justified as a LAST RESORT.

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"Democracy or Militarism" is just one of Jane Addam's important works of American pacifism.
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If you can neither think of a single example in history, nor imagine any possible future instances of the justifiable use of lethal arms, then you may be an absolute pacifist.

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(Added 1/25/07) Also worth considering, in connection with just war theory, is Jeff McMahan's video keynote address on the subject of pacifism for the 2nd On-line Philosophy Conference (OPC2) on May 21, 2007.

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(Added 8/10/07) Hippies and folk singers are often associated with absolute pacifism, and Joan Baez's funny defense of the stance is part of the reason why.

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It is important to better theorize postwar justice—jus post bellum—for the sake of a more complete theory of just war."In "Legislative Reform in Post Conflict Zones: Jus Post Bellum and the Contemporary Occupant's Law Making Power," McGill Law Journal, Volume 50, Kristen Boon examines "jus post bellum in light of the recent non-consensual legal reforms in Iraq, Kosovo, and East Timor to demonstrate how international bodies and coalitions are increasingly assuming legislative functions, legitimately and otherwise, in the context of their duties as interim administrators."In "Just War and Post War Justice," Tobias Winright intends for "criteria of jus post bellum to enrich and to buttress the just war tradition—to give it more teeth, as Mennonite pacifist theologian John Howard Yoder called upon Christian just war proponents to do—by emphasizing that moral responsibility for war does not come to a halt when combat ends." (Posted 1/1/12)GENERAL PEACE & WAR RELATED WEB RESOURCES: Sound ethical judgments about warfare need to be based upon good information.