I. Genesis of U.S.-Iraqi Relations, to 1958

2014 December - The Iraqi government and the leadership of the Kurdish Region sign a deal on sharing Iraq's oil wealth and military resources, amid hopes that the agreement will help to reunite the country in the face of the common threat represented by Islamic State.

The statue of Saddam Hussein topples in Baghdad's Firdos Square on April 9, 2003.

1990 - Iraq invades and annexes Kuwait, prompting what becomes known as the first Gulf War. A massive US-led military campaign forces Iraq to withdraw in February 1991.

1917 - Britain seizes control, creates state of Iraq.

1990 - Iraq invades Kuwait, putting it on a collision course with the international community.

1958 - The monarchy is overthrown in a left-wing military coup led by Abd-al-Karim Qasim and Abdul Salam Arif. Iraq leaves the pro-British Baghdad Pact.

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With Khomeini contained, U.S. officials hoped that Saddam Hussein would lead his country and the Middle East into an era of peace, prosperity, and moderation. Yet, U.S. officials refrained from addressing Hussein's dreadful record of human rights abuses, his aggressive tendencies, and his political despotism; nor did they take steps to curb the Western thirst for Middle East oil.

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1998 October - Iraq ends cooperation with UN Special Commission to Oversee the Destruction of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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From the U.S. perspective, the Iran-Iraq ceasefire promised to restore a semblance of stability to the Gulf region for the first time in a decade. Peace on the battlefields would end the bloodletting between the two belligerents and restore lucrative commerce. At the same time, the dramatic improvement in U.S.-Soviet relations diminished the traditional U.S. concern that communism would sweep across the region.

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1996 August - After call for aid from Kurdistan Democratic Party, Iraqi forces launch offensive into northern no-fly zone and capture Irbil.

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The fourth era in U.S. policy toward Iraq featured a short, indecisive war between the two states followed by a "long decade" of consequential complications.