The Decline of Middle America and the Problem of Meritocracy

Rise Technical operates a meritocratic promotion structure offering progression based upon performance rather than length of service. All roles in our business have a clear path of progression meaning that you can see a realistic route to management through producing exceptional results. We have a policy of promoting all our managers from within, the criteria for progression are set in stone and achieved through your hard work.

The rhetoric of meritocracy has given Singaporeans the consolation ofbelieving that their ruling elite are the best of the best and can thereforebe trusted almost blindly on important matters, even if they are highhandedand lack the common touch. As this illusion gradually falls away—and todayit is already heavily undermined—the trust that Singaporeans have for theirgovernment is becoming increasingly qualified. It remains to be seen howlong the regime can avert the logical consequences of the contradictionsbetween the myth and the reality.

Meritocracy is a project that is ..

Rise Technical operates a meritocratic promotion structure so it’s your performance that will help you progress up the ladder rather than length of service