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"It does not matter whether the field of human behavior genetics finally decides that the heritability of IQ in the United States is 25%, 40%, 50%, or 70%. Any such estimate will be utterly useless to anyone seeking better ways to improve the intelligence of the nation through health care and education."

The effect of socioeconomic status on the language outcome of preterm infants at toddler age.

They recommend further research into socioeconomic influences on teen birth, particularly studies that look at factors at more than one level—individual, peer, family, community, school, policy—and among teens of specific races and ethnicities.

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In addition to the premise that measured intelligence (IQ) is largely genetically inherited, a second important premise was that IQ is correlated positively with a variety of measures of socioeconomic success in society, such as a prestigious job, high annual income, and high educational attainment; and is inversely correlated with criminality and other measures of social failure. It was suggested that SES successes (and failures) are largely genetically caused.

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The American Psychological Association defines
socioeconomic status
as the social standing or class of an individual or group.

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It is often measured as a combination of education, income and occupation.

Students born into low socioeconomic families are less likely to engage in experiences that will help to nurture and develop language in young children.

Socioeconomic status and child development.

At the community level: Studies that looked at community-level socioeconomic influences found that lower per capita income, higher income inequality, and higher numbers of people living below the poverty level contributed to higher teen birth rates.

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Parents from higher SES were more likely to have longer and richer utterances to children.
The Effects of a Low Socioeconomic Status
Theorists believe that language is acquired via exposure to various vocabulary and through the modeled structure of conversation.

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The socioeconomic status of parents and caregivers have been shown to directly effect early language acquisition in children.

Now with a working definition of what a socioeconomic status is (SES for short) and a basic understanding of these theories, let's explore why this is effecting children and how they learn language...
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