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Today cotton is still an important export product for America, Africa and India. However, much of the manufacturing into finished cotton products is now done in China and other developing cheap-labor countries. Often the conditions of the workers in these countries is as dehumanizing to children, women and slave labor as it was during the industrial revolution in England; and later in the US.

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It created new opportunities to improve the diet and expand the markets which shape every day life in Europe and this was the backdrop to a phenomena which later will be called INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION from 1760 to 1820-40....

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Although the Industrial Revolution’s inventions became a problem, progress, and promise, many of the important inventions and large factories were built to allow people to get things faster and it allowed people to have jobs.

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Provide students with opportunities to appreciate that, although the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain and Western Europe, but as a process in economic development, it is just beginning in many places.

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Since child labour was already a pervasive problem during the 17th century in Britain, the industrial revolution simply just made child labour even more overflowed.

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The cotton gin was an early invention of the industrial revolution. A slave could then separate the oily seeds from the cotton fiber and bag it quickly. Eli Whitney received his patent in 1793. The US Patent office failed to notice that similar machines had been used in India and China for over 1,000 years.

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Disregarding for the moment, however, the future societal consequences of this newfound class-consciousness, and looking at the revolution solely from the perspective of an industrial worker, it is easy to questions the benefits of this revolution....

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Then, in the late nineteenth century, the United States of America was hit by the worldwide phenomenon known as the Industrial Revolution, and the U.S.

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The French Revolution surely sprung from important internal dynamics, but the connection between the French struggle that began in 1789 and the American Revolution was widely acknowledged at the time. As a symbol of the close relationship, the new French government sent President Washington the key to the door of the , the prison that had been destroyed by a Parisian revolutionary crowd in one of the great collective actions of the French Revolution. For a time, most Americans celebrated the French overthrow of an absolutist monarch in favor of a constitutional government.