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I would say yes. Industry Giant 2 is a perfect blend of strategy and simulation. The game is not perfect, that is not what I mean. Merely, I mean that the mixture is in equilibrium. Each check has a balance to be enacted. Each job has a worker to fill it. Each click of my A button sends another alligator to its death so a debutante can have her new alligator clutch.

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Industry Giant 2 does not have a direct path to victory in this way, as the game is completely open to the player. The game has a direct path to unlocking new production methods, modes of transportation and products. There was no skill tree for me to put points into, or path of building one factory in order to start on the tech path of another type of factory. It was just time and waiting in order to unlock these new “skills.” I know not every game needs a skill tree-type mechanic, but without some sort of choice, the game becomes the same.

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I really liked Industry Giant 2, I just think it is lacking in replayability. The controller scheme works on the Xbox One gamepad even though it is a bit clunky, and overall it is just fun. This is a game that is easy to get thirty or more hours out of, if you do not use a walkthrough, and I think that is enough. Fans of the genre may find the endless mode an endless barrel of fun. However, the lack of a skill tree and a clear path to victory make subsequent playthroughs less exciting.