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People who support individuals with autism spectrum disorder (and other disabilities) should begin to incorporate people first language into their everyday dialogues. This means that in choosing words to describe a person with a disability, the guiding principle is to put the person first not the disability such as the person with autism or the student with an autism spectrum disorder. People first language describes what a person HAS not what a person IS. It puts the person before the disability. When we start calling things by their right names, and when we recognize that people with disabilities are people first, then we can begin to see how people with disabilities are more like people without disabilities than they are different.

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Labels can create expectations that are based on previous experiences, hearsay, or what was taught in teacher training. When a new person enters into any human service profession, (e.g., teaching, job coaching, paraeducators, therapists etc.), those who have been providing services are eager to offer his or her opinions about every individual with autism or other disability. Often those opinions may be mistaken for the truth about that individual. In fact, those opinions often color how others may see that individual with autism and create unfortunate situations. Because people with the label of autism and their support staff may have had challenges in the past, it can become the expectation or opinion that it will happen again. Therefore, those who support the person with autism take an attitude of power and control instead of compassion and understanding. There is an effort to make things happen the way they are ‘supposed’ to happen instead of looking at possible reasons for the challenges. We may overlook the human being and see only a label and a situation that needs to be managed or controlled. It is important to discard opinions and get to know each person with autism based on personal interactions and not on the experiences of others.

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At a recent conference, Anne Donnellan shared a story about a totally black cat that, unfortunately, gets a stripe painted down its back. It now looks like a skunk, but is still a perfectly harmless pet cat. However, the cat now has a stigma or stereotype attached to it, and is named for that stigma which creates a bias. That bias will change ones expectations and reactions. It is important to remember that context is crucial to individual needs. We need to look at the whole picture within each context and our history in that context before making judgment (Donnellan, 1999).

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Place (or placement) decisions are those associated with channels of distribution that serve as the means for getting the product to the target customers. The distribution system performs transactional, logistical, and facilitating functions.

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The account works in the following manner:-
a) A member saves a minimum of Ksh.300 monthly through check-off.
b) All deposits from Ksh.300 and above earn interest which is calculated monthly and credited at the end of the year.
c) Interest rates are on a graduated basis; that is the higher the deposits the higher the rate.
d) Withdrawal of 25% of the deposits is allowed every three years or when a member leaves employment either prematurely, retires normally or is critically ill.
e) Mustard Savings cannot be used to offset an individual or a defaulter’s loan unless a member is a defaulter himself or has pledged the savings as collateral for a loan.
f) Interest is calculated monthly and credited at the end of the year; that is on 31st December every year.
g) Withdrawal fees shall be in as stipulated in the Fosa Tariff Guide.
h) The account attracts no ledger or maintenance fees.

3.4 Junior Star Account
The Junior Star Account is a savings account designed to provide a savings facility for parents to save for their children who have not reached the majority age.