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The building volume seems to come out first from a basic prism, which is then deformed by dividing its faces and determining different points either on the side of the faces or in the middle of the face. Then this points are connecting together to form 3,4 or 5 sided polygons. The rule is then that some points are fixed, some are projected perpendicularly a bit out of the facade, and some are the result of the 3 other points of the polygons, which are wanted to be flat. Indeed, to fix the pannels, one need a flat surface.

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LED lighting for the façade: maximum effect with minimum energy consumption
Zumtobel’s innovative LED lighting technology forms the basis for lighting effects that are both impressive and sustainable. With three different radiation angles, the PAN LED luminaire fitted in the window reveals meets the lighting requirements of the heritage-protected façade. By means of a variety of optics and shutters, light is directed selectively onto the areas to be illuminated. This avoids stray light and the associated light pollution – and the more than 5,000 luminaires installed in the Emporio façade consume no more than 1980 W in total. Each light source can be individually dimmed and controlled, which means that the intensity levels and switch-on times can be selected individually.

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To highlight the exterior facade during the night, James Turrell has created a lighting work of art bringing visitors' perception to new dimensions with its harmonious colour sequence. Thanks to innovative 16-bit control, the luminaires’ colour space was extended to several million colours, providing nearly unlimited freedom in lighting composition.

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I’ve been trying to parametrize in grasshopper one face of the facade, with this idea of taking one basic prism (box) and deforming it by giving him a new volume, as explained above.

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The whole facade could be set out of some modules. Their sizes are given through the size of one zinc plate, which is 3m x 3m. There are two possibilities to get 3 different panel sizes from that zinc plate. All the other modules are also conceived to use as least material as possible. All facade elements are fixed to a secondary metal structure.

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However, I want to create movement on this façade, as well as the impression of tallness, we could almost call it an optical illusion. To do so, these horizontal rows of glass panels should be able to slightly shift sideways, so on the high of the hole building we could eventually have them rapping around as a spiral would do.

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The strategy of the faculty’s new façade is to add new program above the existing structure while developing a cladding system and an internal organizational strategy that will integrate the new and the old. The new cladding is a glass curtain wall that comes around the existing.

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The facade made out of random positioned glas pannels is only a exterior layer that loosly wraps the building. The interior facade and actual water barrier is recessed by approximately 2.5 meters and is entirely glazed. Projecting slabs, linking the exterior “screen” with the interior facade, become balconies. The building structure is a metal frame construction with large oval cased columns and a grid of horizontal beams. The columns are on the inside of the interior facade on the northern facade, on the southern facade however, they are located between the 2 facade layers perforating the balconies.