Illegal music downloads not hurting industry, study claims.

The Act called for an escalating series of sanctions on persistent file-sharers, starting with sending letters to illegal downloaders and culminating in slowing down the connection speed of offenders or temporarily suspending their connections.

When an individual downloads a track illegally, it’s viewed by the law as a form of stealing.
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Except In January 2012, Capitol Records sued digital reseller ReDigi, claiming the company was promoting the unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted works
The U.S is not the biggest illegal music "downloader", Australia is neck to neck with us.

Everyone I know has illegal downloads.

The punishment that is issued for illegal downloading, in my opinion is ridiculous.
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jobs are lost
along with $2.7 billion in workers wages
as well as and $131 million in lost corporate income and production taxes
I interviewed several people and many college students illegally download music.

Australia’s dubious legacy of illegal downloading

But while many of the trend lines around pirated content remained the same this year, there was one stark difference: Some content creators finally admitted that illegal downloads aren’t all bad.

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The piracy report noted that this was all part of a continued and growing pattern. From 2010 to 2012, the report said, the amount of Internet bandwidth used for copyright infringement in North America, Europe and Asia grew by 160 percent, or from 3,690 petabytes to 9,567 petabytes of illegally downloaded content. ( is equal to 13.3 years of HD-video.) Downloading that content accounted for 24 percent of all Internet bandwidth from those regions.

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But HBO is far from alone. According released in September by NetNames, a British-based digital research firm that was commissioned by NBC Universal to explore piracy online, 2013 was a banner year for illegal downloads.

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So it is considered stealing
The punishment for piracy is up to five years in prison and a fine of over $250,000.
Now, according to the RIAA, which is the Recording Industry of America Association
1 out of every 5 songs are illegally downloaded
This not only effects the artist but the entire music industry.

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Though the law is unclear, it is useful to note that owners, such as the MPAA, rarely go after individuals who watch streaming movies. Illegal or not, it's much more difficult to track these users down. Unlike BitTorrent downloads, the MPAA can't just sign into a program and snag IP addresses.