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The White House also passed along a statement from the Ehrlichs that said, in part, "anybody who actually wants to know what we and/or Professor Holdren believe and recommend about these matters would presumably read some of the dozens of publications that we and he separately have produced in more recent times, rather than going back a third of a century to find some formulations in an encyclopedic textbook where description can be misrepresented as endorsement."

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In Tuesday e-mails to CNA, Rick Weiss, the Office of Science and Technology Policy's Director of Strategic Communications, said the material at issue was from "a three-decade-old, three-author textbook used in colleges to teach energy policy."

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If society's survival depended on having more children, women could he required to bear children, just as men can constitutionally be required to serve in the armed forces.

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The lowest class was the slave women, who carried out more of the menial domestic chores, and helped to raise the children of the wife.

25). Women were not active in making the initialdecision, because it was arranged and planned by a father figure ormalerelative. A woman, such as Medea, oftendreaded the day of her wedding rather than looking forward to it as oneof thehappiest and meaningful affairs in her life.

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A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men.

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What does he envision: All women who commit the crime of having more than two children be dragged away by police to the government-run sterilization centers?

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In fact Holdren has repeatedly said that science should not be be tainted by politics, that "he wanted to take the politics out of scientific advice." But have you seen more politicized science-policy recommendations than those given in ?

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In fact, there are more acknowledgments involving Berkeley than anywhere else, and since Holdren was the only one of the three authors with a connection to Berkeley, they must be thank-yous -- indicating that he wrote a substantial portion of the book.