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Many of them will resist all efforts to challenge their fanaticism. Their belief system will not allow it. This anchor of “truth” is all that holds back the abyss of fear and defeat. If you are working with a client that has the over dominant Super Ego, focus on helping them find out where it hurts and how to survive the hurts with minimum damage. How can their lives be happier or their relationships be more satisfying? Remember, you are there to help them feel better and function better, not to judge them or change them to your own point of view. Return to the safe holding environment and invite them to spend time there with you. If you work for small incremental steps of peace from that breathing room, change has an opportunity to occur.

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The Superego has two subsystems: and . The Ego Ideal provides rules for good behaviour, and standards of excellence towards which the Ego must strive. The Ego ideal is basically what the child�s parents approve of or value. The Conscience is the rules about what constitutes bad behaviour. The Conscience is basically all those things that the child feels mum or dad will disapprove of or punish.

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The Id, Ego, Superego structure of mind complements (see below). Note that the Ego and Superego play roles in each of the three levels of consciousness, but the Id is entirely played out in the Unconscious.

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However, the Ego has a difficult time dealing with the competing demands of the Superego and the Id. According to the psychoanalytic view, this psychological conflict is an intrinsic and pervasive part of human experience. The conflict between the Id and Superego, negotiated by the Ego, is one of the fundamental psychological battles all people face. The way in which a person characteristically resolves the instant gratification vs. longer-term reward dilemma in many ways comes to reflect on their "character".

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Thank you for your question. You make a good point but you are missing the issue of Axis II disorders as compared to traits. What I am speaking of in this blog post is the description of Freudian Ego categories and the theoretical imbalances that can occur. With that restriction, it is possible to identify someone out of balance in each of the three divisions and work on strategies to repair the balance and help the person be healthy. What you mean when you talk about being a Psychopath is a more formal description of someone with a complete personality disorder as described in Axis II. I would agree that those people are almost impossible to cure. Hope this distinction helps you understand the blog a little better.