So I typed on the internet "Mad Dog Disease" and yes it exists.

Robert Jones, president and chief executive officer of the New YorkBlood Center, says his group will follow the FDA's lead in imposingrestrictions to safeguard its supply from Mad Cow.

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Aswith other prion diseases, this agent shows extraordinary resistance to environmentaldegradation.

Poland has imposed strict bans on the import of beef products to prevent the spread of BSE and variantCreutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), a deadly brain-wasting condition in humans believed to be caused by eatinginfected meat.

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Ironically, the local and national media was plastered today with articles and commentaries on the Mad Cow disease, it's association with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and it's threat to society.

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No indication of disease, of 500 deer and elk brains in 1998State biologists are launching a study to determine whether deer or elk in Nevada have beeninfected with a malady -- similar to 'mad cow disease' -- that has turnedup in other Westernstates.

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Keep up the great information site, and it is too bad the authorities in charge of such information have chosen to stick their heads in the sand as so often is the case.""I noticed dogs being put to sleep with similar symptoms to mad cow disease.

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The next year, the FDA formally banned any proteins from cows, sheep, goats, deer or elk - animals that get similar brain-wastingdiseases - from being used as ingredients in feed for cows, sheep or goats.

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No cases of the mad cow disease and variant bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE), which isits human presentation, have been registered in Russia so far, the Agriculture Ministry's senior veterinary official NikolaiYaremenko said.