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Much progress has been made on overseeing the largest banks, but a good deal more must be done to toughen standards and end government subsidies, an economist writes.

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I think the relative importance of cyclical currency valuations actually pale in comparison to the secular importance of capital flows. In reading Mohamed El-Erian’s “When Markets Collide” it has become increasingly clear that formerly debtor nations in amassing significant capital reserves as the US federal government and the American consumer has gone on a debt-funded spending spree, will have an increased role in the global economic activity of the 21st century.

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I have read the above comments and although the GDP metric is becoming less significant in its ability at representing the state or welfare of the average American citizen, it remains one of the best quantifiable and thoroughly objective metrics out there to be used for economic discussion.

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Foreign trade has become more important to our economy in recent years. Exports and imports of goods and services have grown rapidly. A growing trade volume benefits our standard of living in several ways, but, as the recession deepens, my focus here will be limited to the impact of the trade balance on America’s gross domestic product and, by implication, its job market. G.D.P and employment generally move in the same directions; so what I say about the impact on G.D.P generally applies to employment as well.

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G.D.P., as I’ve discussed here before, is the way economists calculate how much an economy is producing in total goods and services. It is usually calculated by adding together several categories of spending, including consumer spending, investment and government spending. Exports of goods and services generate income at home, and so they are also a component of G.D.P. Imports, on the other hand, generate income abroad, so they are subtracted from the other categories of spending to get a more complete picture of how much an economy is actually producing. Higher exports and lower imports add to G.D.P., while reduced exports and higher imports contract G.D.P.