Home education is usually conducted by a parent or tutor

Although opponents of home schooling claim that children who are educated at home do not develop their social skills at the same rate as their peers who attend traditional schools, research findings indicate that students who are home-schooled develop socia...

Homeschooling, also known as home education, is the education of children inside the home

Home schooling is defined as a “provision of compulsory education in the home as an alternative to traditional public/private schooling – often motivated by parental desire to exclude their children from the traditional school environment” (Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), 1999).

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Homeschool Vs

If we look for the common denominator in this article it is not to affirm or disconfirm formal education nor is home schooling the crux of the matter. It is about child centered learning, something that has been around for centuries, that loses its gloss in times when business models tend to take over teaching and learning. Universities have fostered the approach of formalization where teachers-to-be learn ideas about child centered learning through esoteric reading and didactic and traditional learning. Child centered or person centered learning is scoffed upon as being inefficient, though in reality it is on first blush not easy to do when you have been trained to be an authority driven teacher. Being a guide is difficult when you have not experienced getting out of the way of people learning. Instead it is about providing an environment that fosters learning without being the sage. All of us learn at different paces and unless we accept this, learning that is child centered is not possible. This is because the fundamental tenets of allowing children to discover are lost in what Sir Ken Robinson calls the industrial model of education. In actuality child or person centered learning is really more efficient, less lock-step, and the locus of control is placed on the learner, not the teacher. But tell that to those who think the corporate model is like making widgets. You take the raw product and put it into a machine that stamps out what you want in the end. The problem is that what it ends up is an inferior product, that has stifled individual initiative, to support life long learning.