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Mongardino to Count Molza dated September 4, 1630, that contain recommendations and guidelines on the use of balsamic vinegar.
The famous Gioacchino Rossini thanked composer, musician, master of the Chapel of the Cathedral of Modena Catelani Angelo sent a letter to thank for the gift of a bottle of balsamic vinegar to help defeat scurvy, disease that has long afflicted the master of Pesaro.

A evidence about the healing properties of balsamic to deseases of the mucous membranes is given to documents relating to Duke of Modena, Francis IV (1779 - 1846) who always traveled with a box of the precious liquid in your car, used as a comfort to his poor health.

 Apart from cooking , Vinegar is also used for cleaning and obtaining  benefits.

For example a series of five barrels will be: capacity of 60-50-40-30-20 liters Or 75-60-50-40-30-24-16-10 liters.

Regarding the woods the general approach is to place barrels with soft woods at the beginning , which favors the processes of evaporation and acidification , hardwoods in small packages for long term conservation of the mature product .

To start a acetaia must have an inoculums of microorganisms ( zygosaccharomyceti and acetic acid bacteria ) which are typically taken from batteries of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena in the course of maturation.

The inoculums must be placed in an open glass jar with the same amount of cooked and kept in ventilated place at a temperature not lower than 18 ° .

Every 30 days you will add an equal amount of cooked trying to load it, a funnel below the surface so as not to break the veils of fermentation.

After a few months, the liquid will be sufficient to fill the barrels to ¾ of their capacity , and this is good to do it in the spring so that in the summer that follows gives way to the ferment of work

From year to year , in the fall will lead to the correct level of liquid smallest barrel with the contents of preceding barrel and so on until you get to the first barrel , the biggest one will be topped up by the addition of grape must , cooked in autumn previous year.

From this moment the weather plays an important role for the quality , substances in small packages evolve slowly refining the harmony and the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

With the aging of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena in the process of maturation takes on characters of roundness and balance between fixed and volatile substances , increasing the amount of residual sugar and maintaining acidity constant.

Between the end of October and the end of March you are sure that the fermentation activity is stopped , this is a good time to decant and reinforcements (annual) .

Transfer means the passage of liquid from a barrel of most other smaller capacity ; rincalzo, an italian word that refers to the leveling of a cask .

The two operations are closely related, except in the largest barrel shall be used only where the topping with the cooked must .

It is important to check the state of health of the barrels .

Thanks to the rectangular hole placed above the casks , the bunghole , making the olfactory examination to feel any abnormalities , then the visual inspection of the surface of the liquid and of the cask to discover the presence of any floating mothers , mold or other defects due to the development of aerobic microorganisms .

Last exam is to taste , which takes place in all barrels .

With a tube of glass tasting a sample is taken and tasted , you will control the clarity , smell and taste .

The batch operation is generally done using a rubber tube , which should not be too immersed for not suck lees , and by dropping the product taken in a bucket below.

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By the , vinegar was employed forculinary, medicinal, household and personal uses.

Why two names for the same dressing?
"Vinaigrette...The word, which originated as a diminutive form of French vinaigre (vinegar), wasfirst used in English as long ago as 1699 (John Evely mentioned it in his book on salads, Acetaria)but it did not really become established until the end of the nineteenth century.

Was vinegar and brown paper really used to treat injuries?

Homer termed salt 'divine,' and Plato referred to it as 'a substance dear to the gods.' Aristotle wrote that many regarded brine or salt spring as a gift from the gods...The preservative properties of salt have maintained the essentiality of the mineral throughout history.

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The chef Henri Charpentier made great play with having invented the dish at the Cafe de Paris,Monte Carlo in 1896 for the Prince of Wales, and named it after the young lady who was the prince's companion on that particularoccasion, but his claim has been shown to be an imposture.

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Peach pickle recipes through time

"To pickle Peaches.

Take your Peaches when they are at the full Growth, just before they turn to be ripe; be sure they are not bruised;then take Spring-water, as much as you think will cover them; make it soft enough to bear an Egg, with bay andcommon Salt, and equal Quantity of each; then put in your Peaches, and lay a thick Board over them, to keep themvery carefulfly with a fine soft Cloth, and lay them in you Glass or Jar; then take as much White Wine Vinegar, aswill fill your Glass or Jar: To every Gallon, up one Pint of the best well-made Mustard, two or three Heads ofGarlick, a good deal of Ginger sliced, half an Ounce of Cloves, mace, and Nutmegs; mix your pickle well toghether,and pour over your Peaches.

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Vinegar was concocted from a variety of substances, among them rice, wheat, peaches, and grape juice...Sometimes it flavor was enhanced bythe addition of such substances as the acidic leaves of the kumquat of south China...This was combined with brine to make thepreservative...It was used in T'ang and Sung times for preserving duck eggs, which it turned dark in color.