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Thus, although in the United States, Deafculture has been an established starting point for research (at least within communitiesof deaf people, university classes, and a substantial portion of disciplines suchas linguistics and anthropology), in Spain it has been a subject of more debate overthe years.The historical documents and critical essays included in this book form a storythat begins with early (mis)understandings of deafness as an illness, moves throughturbulent centuries of misguided deaf education, and ends with the official recognitionof sign languages (and the acceptance of Deaf culture) in the Spain of thetwenty-first century.

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The New World provided Spain with huge amounts of treasure. In the 16th century 150,000 kilograms of gold and 7.4 million kilograms of silver were shipped to Spain. However the sheer size of the Spanish Empire and the very long lines of communication made it difficult to control.

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As the 1940s drew to a close, agricultural imbalances, labor unrest, and agrowing pressure for industrial development forced the regime to begin to modifyits autarchic policies. Spain's need for food, raw materials, energy, and creditmade it necessary for the country to establish some link to the internationaleconomy. Spain achieved this goal when the United States decided to seek thepolitical and strategic advantages of Spanish friendship in the face of anincreasingly aggressive Soviet Union. With the infusion of American capital,Spain's economy revived, and living standards began to improve. There was adegree of economic liberalization, and industrial production increasedsignificantly in the 1950s. Economic liberalization did not result in arelaxation of authoritarian control, however. The regime swiftly repressedworkers' demonstrations in the spring of 1951 and student protests in 1956.

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Spain suffered poor harvests in 1708-1711 and in 1763-1766. Nevertheless during the 18th century Spanish agriculture expanded and became more productive. The population of Spain increased during the century. So did trade and commerce.

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Today, with its fascinating past tucked under its belt, Valencia is a forward-looking city that both celebrates the bygone times and boldly leads Spain into the awaiting future- just take a look at the ultra-modern ! Read up on the budding days of Valencia's history below, and then navigate through the links to bring you up to present day!

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It is most curious, given that Spanish historicaldocuments laud the importance of the “Spanishness” of teaching the muteto speak, that the country that is today regarded as the birthplace of deaf education(Spain) should come to be reinvigorated by direct influence from America.

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Constitution of Castile - National Assemblies or Cortes - their constituent
Parts - Right of Taxation - Legislation - Privy Council of Castile - Laws for
the Protection of Liberty - Imperfections of the Constitution - Aragon - its
History in the fourteenth and fifteenth Centuries - disputed Succession -
Constitution of Aragon - Free Spirit of its Aristocracy - Privilege of Union -
Powers of the Justiza - Legal Securities - Illustrations - other
Constitutional Laws - Valencia and Catalonia - Union of two Crowns by the
Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella - Conquest of Granada.

The history of Spain during the middle ages ought to commence with the
dynasty of the Visigoths; a nation among the first that assaulted and
overthrew the Roman Empire, and whose establishment preceded by nearly half a
century the invasion of Clovis.