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However, a simpler explanation is that hewas Bishop of Ostia (41:46 N 12:18 E), the port city of Rome, and thatthe Eastern writers, observing him to be the most important Christianwriter in Italy at that time, simply made a mistake.

From the Discourse of Hippolytus, Bishop of Rome, on the Resurrection and Incorruption.

Due to the strength of his opposition against “Pope” Callistus I (217-222 e.v.), Hippolytus was elected as a schismatic Bishop of Rome (“Antipope”) by a circle of his followers.

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Hippolytus is also remembered as a leader of the opposition against the corruption, viciousness, and doctrinal wanderings of the early Bishops of Rome (who were later to be re-named “Popes”).

Martyr, presbyter and antipope; date of birth unknown; d

A second letter said to be from Clement to the Corinthian church is still extant, but many have questioned its authenticity.

Origen of Alexandria (AD 185—284) and Eusebius of Caesarea (AD 260—340) maintained that Clement of Rome was the same Clement mentioned by the apostle Paul in Philippians 4:3, although their claims cannot be positively confirmed.

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O God, who have enlightened your Church by the teaching of yourServant Hippolytus: Enrich us evermore, we pray, with yourheavenly grace, and raise up faithful witnesses who by theirlife and doctrine will set forth the truth of your salvation;through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Amen” (1 Clement, 32).

A study of the church fathers can be informative and edifying, and Clement of Rome is certainly worthy of our attention.

OVID was a Latin poet who flourished in Rome in the late C1st B.C

It is possible that Hippolytus died working in the mines, although, much later, a number of more exciting legends about his life and death became popular.

Hippolytus is known for his writings against heresy as well as for the important information he preserves about baptismal practices, Eucharistic services, and the ordination of ministers.

and early C1st A.D., during the reign of the Emperor Augustus

O God, who hast enlightened thy Church by the teaching of thyServant Hippolytus: Enrich us evermore, we beseech thee, withthy heavenly grace, and raise up faithful witnesses who bytheir life and doctrine will set forth the truth of thysalvation; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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His high standards were not always shared by the above-mentioned bishops of Rome, which also contributed to the schism.

In what has been called Hippolytus’ most important work, (or the ), Hippolytus attempted to demonstrate that all Christian heresies spring from reliance upon pagan philosophy.