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There was an outbreak of smallpox at the Truesdell family and Joseph (who may have been staying with them at that time) and Chauncey Truesdell were temporarily living at Charley Nicolia’s ranch on the Mimbres River.

In my opinion he was selfish and abandoned his family during a crucial time (1).
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Joseph grabbed a rifle and aimed it at the strangers, when a voice called out “Hold on Joe, don’t you know your own brother?” Chauncey and Joseph recognized the Kid, although still young in appearance, they noticed he had matured and there was now a toughness about him due to his harsh life in the violent and lawless desert.

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Meanwhile, his girlfriend was living in town at the building where she had opened a laundry service.
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One of those who boarded at the Antrim cabin was Ash Upson (co-writer of Pat Garrett's) who would provide us with one of the few describes of Catherine Antrim:

“To those who knew Billy the Kids' mother, his courteous, kindly, and benevolent spirit was no mystery.

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She resided at 199 North East Street and it was there she met and began a long term relationship with a man named William Antrim, a twenty-three year old labor and teamster who lived a few blocks away.

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" 'Once in my life I met the Black Man!' said her mother.