The Hateful Eight: And Then There Were Guns – I Nerd Things

I believe these words, and I would have welcomed them, if not for the president reportedly disparaging non-white nations with a hateful vulgarity, letting us know that our place of birth does matter to him.

Should the instigator be indicted for hate speech in addition to vandalism.

With the positive aspects such as art, journalism, and the pursuit of truth come negatives aspects such as pornography, gambling, and hate and shock sites....

the promulgation of hateful imagery and speech

Contrary to some opinions, it is possible to accurately define hate speech, because hate speech does not actually have many elusive forms.

The Geography of Hate is part of a larger project by of Humboldt State University (HSU) identifying the geographic origins of online hate speech. Undergraduate students Amelia Egle, Matthew Eiben and Miles Ross, worked to produce the data and this map as part of Dr. Stephens' Advanced Cartography course at Humboldt State University.