Oedipus Complex - Psychological Projections in Hamlet

Bring our heroes home NOW.
i love you
To the few and proud who dare to call themselves men of the mind, I summon you to approach the world with a sense of wonder, trust, and faith the likes of which truely befits our poor Pangloss and prove that despite all cruelty, this is the best of all possible worlds.
Where can my mind follow when a button click is all it needs?
English is a boring class
i'm bringing home some presents
me heads in the clouds
me heads in the clouds
Penis and Boobs
me feet on the ground
Can't both fit in a tube
Do make not a sound
can we make it through?
kevin is cool
Death comes to us all from heavy smiting!
the long, dark teatime of the soul
the faneta breeze blew through the trees
Gary sat down for dinner
today I sit in a grassy field
Kept up his sham
vice president
keep up your wit
Now President
and your talent submit
False alarms of tropical death abound
Workers laugh as stores close down
Thou art a bawdy wench.
guffawing scarily like a crazy clown
thou art a retard
Thou dissembling hasty-witted baggage!
Spindly legs bend beneath water stains
i like cheese
In a night of light
penultimate cheese.

Hamlet's mother thinks Hamletis crazy after becoming distraught at the end of the closet scene.
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Girls are tough
just like kurt cobain
you close your eyes
you're just a breath away
even when you're not
over the years have sold the pears of regret
alabama baby sucked a lemon
that kitty is witty
As the clear wind of gon
America the beautiful
as afore ere had blown
lost in the passing of insanity
is the one I love
I cannot mean to say or know or be
the one I find true
What brings the greatest to their knees
Break the door
the streets
Twas a life of so much vanity
Only love can cure my sanity
conceitedness and pride
Far be it from me to curse my betters
yeah and so on and so on
my face
She won two World Championship title;
Then fell from grace as a sporting idol
i'm not into fat chicks anymore
Then fell from grace as a sporting idol
There once was a boy named jesse
There once was a boy named jesse
Poem of the Masses
he sat right next me
eat cheese
llama llama llama it was all her could utter
o my god i am not free as you are
My love,My fiane
Why do I think of Baisa?

The Closet scene sheds an Oedipal light on Hamlet

This is especially evident in the closet scene as Hamlet berates his mother with many ..
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This was rehearsed, and Claudiusis taking advantage of the opportunity to look reasonable,especially because he is about to deal with Hamlet, who wants to returnto college.Claudius calls Hamlet "cousin" (i.e., close relative) and "son"(stepson), and asks why he is still sad.