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If habilines began to control fire two mya, one thing is certain: the australopithecine Tesla who banged the first rocks together that fashioned a stone tool, and who was able to continue doing it and eventually taught others, probably via active demonstration and their observation, could not have imagined that his/her invention would lead to a relatively giant descendant (or cousin of a descendant) that slept on the ground, controlled fire, and would quickly migrate to the ends of Earth and traverse distances that were incomprehensible in australo-Tesla’s time. That relatively quick series of innovations, never before seen on Earth, gave birth to a creature that would have simply been unrecognizable to that ; it would have appeared magical. There have only been a few subsequent Epochal Events in the human journey, and like the first one(s), they were all energy events above all else, and were all dependent on humans gaining the technological prowess and social organization that enabled them to exploit a new energy source, which was dependent on their increasing mental feats. Each time, the human reality after the Epochal Event was to the humans who lived immediately before it (, , ). Also, the events and their aftermaths became far more dramatic each time, in shrinking the event’s timeframe and shortening the time until the next Epochal Event, and the energy levels greatly increased each time, and by an order of magnitude for the most recent event.

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Jagdish Bairwa, 48 and his family have benefitted from the private latrine they built in their compound in Rajasthan, India with help from Habitat for Humanity India. Bairwas oldest son, Rameshwar suffers from polio and dependent on others to take him into fields before the latrine was built. Such water and sanitation projects are very […]

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing for hardworking, limited income families.