Currently in the America many states banned guns from ..

Similarly, NAACP is fond of portraying their own members as too irresponsible to own guns. Many organizations aggressively advocate disarmament of their own members, apparently hoping that the feeling of vulnerability would cause people to rely on their self-proclaimed "community leaders" for security.

In America, guns kill over 30,000 Americans annually -- that's more than ten 9/11's, every year

Interestingly, even people in favor of gun control don't mind that sniper rifles and submachine guns are used to guard the President and members of Congress. Nor do they object to the shotguns and pistols of the bank guards. Apparently, protection of and their money is proper in their eyes. These same people object shrilly when a parent wishes to carrying a sidearm to protect herself and the kids. Hypocrites!

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Gun control is never about improving safety for those disarmed by it. It has only two purposes. The first is rendering people helpless for extermination or enslavement. The second purpose, more common among the US perpetrators of the practice, is to . The same technique is used by the mafia in countries where civilian ownership of arms is rare: people must pay for protection, by voting for their "protectors" or by behaving meekly.