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You can now see some of the range of concerns television raised. Should it be entirely for profit, or should it serve "the public good?" How would "public good" be defined? Should the government act to restrict content, and is so, how? Consider these questions as you move on to the next part of the assignment.

Poland's government clashes with EU over media control …
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Tracing her path from child pornography and recruitment into the program to serving as a top-level intelligence agent and White House sex slave, TRANCE Formation of America is a definitive eye-witness account of government corruption that implicates some of the most prominent figures in U.S.

What Does the Government Control

31/05/2010 · What Does the Government Control
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Also the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and NIOSH the parent agency of OSHA have tables on their websites showing the levels of milliamp energy associated with various organic effects on the human physiology. These tables can illustrate to family, lawyers, government administrators, physicians and the general public that what you are experiencing is torture and not a mental health issue. So then damage to the body can actually be proven to be occurring.

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7. ) The U.S. Government has given contracts in sweet heart dealsto foreign companies to protect major American shipping harbors. Such actionswhen taken together with these other points should make you more than nervous,it should make you mad enough to
make an effort to contact all your neighbors, friends and relatives totake the government to task on these violations and lapses in judgment tantamount to an attack against the national security of this nation. Why have the people of this country not been offered the same deal or even told about it.

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1.) To prove to yourself that you are not imagining it.
2.) To prove to family and friends that you are not psychosomatic or schizophrenic.
3.) Prove to Doctors and Attorneys you are being attacked; they would then help you instead of brushing you cccoff.
4.) The MD-SPEC instrument can show how seriously you are being damagedaccording to CDC milliamp predictive tables.
5.) As an activist whether you afford the test or not, spreading the word that such attacks are being proven is critical.
6.) Spread the word about Americans being tortured to death in their homes and the test, your countries future depends upon it.

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[Videos: ca 2hrs of excellent mind control videos with testimonies from victims and more...!]
- Ewen Cameron was the world's most influential psychiatrist, and a CIA contractor for MKULTRA.

The Weimar Republic faced many problems

The war propaganda campaign of Lippman and Bernays produced within six months such an intense anti-German hysteria as to permanently impress American business (and Adolf Hitler, among others) with the potential of large-scale propaganda to control public opinion.