To admit they knew is to be self-crucified.

It's not something that is likely to heal but just die as those with the old socially conscious ethos litterly die out, and the world will be a worse place for their loss...

1)the recent studies on geriatric care at about $70,000/year/prisoner intoday's dollars , or

If it's true the NSA didn't know of Meltdown (which is what sources are saying), that must be bad for morale too. They'd only have to jump a few months ahead of public research—everyone was already looking at cache attacks, but were just kind of blackbox-poking at caches and predictors. Shouldn't the NSA have already reverse-engineered the caches and predictors of popular CPUs, if not acquired the plans outright as a condition of government CPU-purchasing contracts?


The same goes for Heartbleed. The federal government relies on OpenSSL, as it does on Intel's microarchitectural details. Don't they have some secret tool that walks all the code branches depending on attacker-controlled data, to find "interesting" behavior?

What's the change you'd like to see most, Clive?

Being an activist nation has reduced morale everywhere. Who's excited about the bull sh*t in the NFL? Or who is excited to send their kids to colleges the burn down when they don't get their way. What is the morale like in the police departments around the country when the assassinated trying to keep us safe?

"In fact I feel they are largely responsible for the mess we are in,"

Many of these agencies are more directly responsible for the wellbeing of the "nation" than the NSA. It was recently reported 700 scientists have already bugged out of the EPA.

boohoo for the enemies of the Constitution - domestic.

One might also legitimately raise questions about the value obtained for the alleged 50+G$ pumped annually into this agency, when its "product" cannot be widely disseminated, and its ultimate distillation is destined to someone who doesn't read and whose intellectual development seems to be pegged at the level of a 1960 US military academy...

"There are thousands of "professionals" that question JFK shooting"

The plot is set in Tirana in the days of the Ottoman Empire. An agency collects and analyzes every single dream of the Sultan's subjects from even the remotest area under his rule, regardless of language, in the hope that one of them could prove vital to the preservation of the dynasty. In the end one feels that this enterprise is as vain as it is sinister.

There's a reason why Condi Rice said what she did to the panel.

Then, as a US civil servant, I would also be worried about the implications of the recent tax bill, wondering about what I did to deserve the coming collective punishment.

The terrorists were at war with us, but we were not at war with them.

Protest is an integral right of all citizens and an important part of our democratic ideals.
A few individuals have protested the NSA's regimes for the good of public debate on unknowns.