The web of globalization now has three spiders. What makes America unique in this seemingly value-free contest is not its liberal democratic ideals — which Europe may now represent better than America does — but rather its geography. America is isolated, while Europe and China occupy two ends of the great Eurasian landmass that is the perennial center of gravity of geopolitics. When America dominated NATO and led a rigid Pacific alliance system with Japan, South Korea, Australia and Thailand, it successfully managed the Herculean task of running the world from one side of it. Now its very presence in Eurasia is tenuous; it has been shunned by the E.U. and Turkey, is unwelcome in much of the Middle East and has lost much of East Asia’s confidence. “Accidental empire” or not, America must quickly accept and adjust to this reality. Maintaining America’s empire can only get costlier in both blood and treasure. It isn’t worth it, and history promises the effort will fail. It already has.

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Be this all as it may, it is difficult to imagine a situation where all languages can be treated “equally” as Phillipson and like-minded scholars advocate especially because in Europe and the rest of the global community, there are, in the aggregate, more than 5000 languages! Some languages for more than one reason will be at a disadvantage and they will die. There are many factors that lead to language death and the use of a global lingua franca is not on its own, a convincing explanation for linguicide of an otherwise healthy, well-preserved language. Phillipson seems to fear that Europe’s majority languages could be relegated to minority status in the linguistic hierarchy (or even suffer language death) just by the mere fact that English is a global lingua franca and so he calls for special protection from the government. But, at least in the case of most European majority languages, those fears are unfounded. Europe’s majority languages are much too entrenched in European cultural heritage to come to such a catastrophic end. In the case of minority languages, these have always needed protection and will continue to need protection whatever the international lingua franca of the day happens to be whether English is a lingua franca or not.

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And by humans, it means young girls in their early to mid-teens (who are generally, as a group, the most dramatic little wellsprings of emotion the human race has to offer). This process collects excess energy, which is somehow contributed toward the entire universe in order to stave off its eventual heat death, allowing more time for different alien races to meet one another among the stars.