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Of course, we have our own tastes and we've done our best to follow our own desires in making this site. We're straight and we like hot guys. So there's a lot of that. But we also love all kinds of porn, all kinds of sex and we try to cover it here. We hope that you'll find porn at For The Girls that will also appeal to your own tastes and desires. And we hope to help you ignite your imagination and perhaps explore new tastes and fantasies as well.

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There's a lot of discussion about the phrase "porn for women". At For The Girls, we believe it basically comes down to any porn that a woman enjoys. We know that women have incredibly diverse tastes. For us, creating and curating porn for a female audience is about acknowledging that women like porn and creating a welcoming, female focused space for that to happen.

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Throughout their lives, girls receive conflicting messages about how they should act and who they should be.

You can be the voice she needs to unleash her power and potential on the world.

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