Of these, The Epic of Gilgamesh is by far the oldest.

Why should the innocent Enkidu die for this?’ But Enlil, burning with anger at Shamash, said unto him: ‘Each day thou traveled with them like unto a companion.’”

Enkidu fell down before Gilgamesh and began to cry tears which flowed like rivers.

In this narrative poem, we get glimpses of who Gilgamesh is and what his purposes and goals are.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is, perhaps, the oldest written story on Earth. It comes to us from Ancient Sumeria, and was originally written on 12 clay tablets in cunieform script. It is about the adventures of the historical King of Uruk (somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BCE).

The translator chose to eliminate Tablet XII for personal reasons, with support from many literary, archaeological, and linguistic experts because it appears to be more of a sequel to the first 11 tablets, containing a story about Enkidu volunteering to retrieve some objects that Gilgamesh dropped into the Netherworld.

This translation is based on the "standard" Akkadian "edition", but is filled in with excerpts from the Old Babylonian where necessary.

I have proofread this set of documents extensively, but should you find any typographical errors in it, please let me know.

The floods in The Epic of Gilgamesh and Genesis 6-9 are very similar.

The epic poem Beowulf describes the most heroic man of the Anglo-Saxon times.

Urshinabi removed his robes, and Gilgamesh his garments, and from them Urshinabi fashioned a sail.

And Utnapishtim looking at him from the distance began thinking within himself, and with himself he thus meditated: “Why are the Stone Men of the ship smashed?

Gilgamesh was a hero because he wasn't afraid to face unbeatable odds

Before Shamash she sacrificed a smoke-offering, poured out a drink-offering; lifted up before Shamash her hand, praying: “Why hast thou disquieted the heart of Gilgamesh?

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The epic poem Beowulf narrates the story of a hero named Beowulf who rescues Denmark from several monsters that terrorize it: Grendel and his mother, and later, a dragon....

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The Epic of Gilgamesh has broadly the same structure and plot as Noah's Ark, suggesting the possibility that the Biblical account has drawn influence from the archaeologically older Sumerian depiction....

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Why dost thou desire to do this, to advance towards the dwelling of Ḫumbaba?”

Gilgamesh opened his mouth and spoke to Enkidu: “I will climb the slopes of the forest, to the dwelling of Ḫumbaba.

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Why dost thou desire to go down to the forest?” They kissed one another and so became bonded in friendship.

[In a missing section Gilgamesh introduces Enkidu to his mother.]

“He is the mightiest in the all the land, possessed of great strength.

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In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh, the hero of this epic, achieves many feats of skill, which makes him famous, but that is not the reason it is an epic.