(2016, March 1) Old Tour of Basic Genetics

(Edit, added after seeing comment #8 published: I believe this is on-topic, and germane to the discussion. While not addressing the specific genetically-focused content of your paper, there is cultural context around those same specific topics that make this a pertinent issue. I would very much like to see you take the opportunity that you have here to recognize that.)

Modern genetics started with Mendel's studies of the nature of inheritance in plants

al.,and presented in their papers of 1995 in Proceedings of the NatonalAcademyof Sciences USA 92: 6720-6727 and Genetics 139: 463-471.

The American Society of Human Genetics

ASHG 2018 will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from October 16-20, 2018

Finally, a closer reading of your article leaves me with a number of questions regarding your attempt to establish a connection between the sociocultural and religious definitions of group identity and the examination of genetic inheritance between specifically-defined population groups and external comparators in the cited paper. The issues surrounding racial and ethnic identity are deep and complex ones, and mention of the semantics needed in defining the terms and appropriate context for a specific discussion here appears to me to be largely lacking, which is unfortunate.