This is no different in The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey.

In The Epic of Gilgamesh readers see that loyalty is the most important aspect of a Mesopotamian relationship and that there are always consequences for violating trust....

In this narrative poem, we get glimpses of who Gilgamesh is and what his purposes and goals are.

Sumerian king list established a Gilgamesh as fifth in line of the First Dynasty of kingship of Uruk following the great flood recorded in the epic, placing him approximately in the latter half of the third millennium.

The floods in The Epic of Gilgamesh and Genesis 6-9 are very similar.

These two themes underlie the Epic of Gilgamesh, a mythic tale of the quest for immortality.

The poem could be interpreted two ways; one way is that the poem depicts a group of military recruits receiving a lecture from their head officer on guns and how to use them.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, the context of the flood that ..

But most of the apparently `new' themes in the developed Epic of Gilgamesh look just like the old--like traditional, oral themes of myth or folktale that have just been shifted from one literary formulation into another.

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Sandars in the Introduction to his book, The Epic of Gilgamesh, sums up the involvement by the pagan gods in the Sumero-Babylonian Flood narrative: In the Gilgamesh flood Ishtar and Enlil are as usual the advocates of destruction....

Gilgamesh and Enkidu in the Epic Poem of Gilgamesh ..

The tale goes on to explain how Inanna rewarded Gilgamesh and how he then lost his rewards into the netherworld, only for Enkidu -- companion of Gilgamesh -- to attempt to rescue them, becoming seized there and unable to ever return to the earth. This portion of the tale, as explained earlier, makes little sense without the Sumerian legend to explain why Inanna bestowed the presents upon Gilgamesh, what they were (which is still not completely clear), and why Inanna had the tree in the first place.

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Despite the many similarities between the two stories, this difference in intention is revealed in a number of motifs that distinguish the biblical story from the ancient myth: Gilgamesh Genesis 1....

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The poem itself revolves around the hero Gilgamesh and paints his adventures in "legendary and mythological colors," for he is said to have been two-thirds divine and merely one-third mortal (Tigay 4). The epic is mostly studied, however, because it contains "the best preserved and most extensive Babylonian account of the deluge" (Heidel 1). The reference to Lilith contained in the is actually not contained in the epic itself at all. Rather, the reference to Lilith appears in a Sumerian tale entitled "Gilgamesh and the Huluppu Tree," which contains the key to understanding the twelfth tablet of the Gilgamesh epic, the first twelve lines of which are almost completely broken away. Without the explanation offered by the "Huluppu Tree" tale, the story contained in the twelfth tablet does not make sense, and so many scholars have chosen to include the "Huluppu Tree" tale in the epic, footnoting to indicate its unique origin.