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A WelchAmerican planter of note who came early to Pennsylvania was Edward Morgan,the grandfather of two great Americans: Daniel Boone of Kentucky, son ofSquire and Sarah (Morgan) Boone and Gen.

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However, I am of the opinion thatthere did exist a remote degree of blood relationship, because in my studyof the various Morgan genealogies, I have observed that the earliest Morganimmigrants to this country came from Wales and a great many of them settledin the Welsh community of Pennsylvania, as did Edward Morgan, grandfatherto Jane Boone who was the wife of Morgan Morgan. From a manuscript which has long been preserved in our Morgan familyrecords, I obtained the following date: The Morgan family moved from Virginia to Kentucky and were among thefirst white settlers of that territory in about the year 1775 or 1780 andremained in Kentucky until 1800, thence removed to the Spanish Territoryknown as Louisiana and settled on Bluff Creek, now the Parish of East Feliciana.

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Her grandfather, Morgan Bryan (born 1671 and norevious Morgan connection to indicate that he was given the name Morganbecause of family ties) came to America in 1695 and here married MarthaStrode in 1719, a descendant of sir William Strode one of the signers ofthe death warrant of King Charles I.