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In either case, this essential feature seems to be a constant, unavoidable hallmark of the law enforcement career.

A comparison of the remaining diagnostic criteria for PTSD to the "routine" experiences of law enforcement paints an interesting picture.

Departments with PT officers in need of Basic Law Enforcement training will be given two options:

To this end, we look to the future, embracing new technologies, seeking best practices within the global law enforcement training community, and developing state of the art training in both content and methods of delivery. We set the bar high and expect those we are entrusted to train to strive to meet or exceed our high standards. We also set those standards for ourselves and expect no less of ourselves as we lead by example.

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By virtue of their job, law enforcement personnel generally experience or are exposed on a recurrent basis to traumatic events.

is the vehicle through which those entering the profession of Law Enforcement are empowered and enabled to protect the citizens of the State of New Mexico and safeguard the stability of our society.

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For those individuals in law enforcement, however, who generally entered into their careers as physically and mentally "strong," highly idealistic, and caring people, PTSD is often quite baffling.

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It is Director Fischer’s hope that this direct contact with his office will help eliminate the “rumor mill” and will help facilitate open and effective communication between the Board office and the law enforcement community across the State of Illinois.

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Starting in 1998, the International Association of Chiefs of Police created a committee to explore women in policing. The committee was made up of several female law enforcement officers at all levels. "The Future of Women in Policing" was published and covered the current status of women in. The IACP and others have consistently found that women can be just as effective, and even more so than male law enforcement officers. The following were some of the findings:

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Pursuant to 50 ILCS 706/10-25 each law enforcement agency that utilizes body worn cameras must provide a report to the Board by May 1 of each year indicating the number of cameras in use, the number of officers who have used body worn cameras, technical issues encountered with the use of such cameras and the review process used by supervisors. For each instance in which a body camera was used in a prosecution, the agency must indicate the date, time, location, offense and charging date. In an effort to simplify the collection of this data, ILETSB requests that this data be provided on the . Completed reports for the 2016 calendar year, including the accompanying chart, can be emailed to Jennifer Wooldridge at

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*Looking for a real world account of what it's like to be a female in your mid forties pursing your dreams of becoming a law enforcement officer? Check out our and book review with Suzie Ivy, author of Bad Luck Cadet & Bad Luck Officer.