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On March 17, 1905, Roosevelt married despite the fierce resistance of his mother. Eleanor's uncle, , stood in at the wedding for Eleanor's deceased father . The young couple moved into , his family's estate, where FDR's mother became a frequent house guest, much to Eleanor's chagrin. Franklin was a charismatic, handsome, and socially active man. In contrast, Eleanor was shy and disliked social life, and at first stayed at home to raise their children. They had six children in rapid succession:

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's gravesite in the Rose Garden in their Hyde Park home.

One of the wealthiest and oldest families in State, the Roosevelts distinguished themselves in areas other than politics. Franklin's first cousin, , was the women's singles and doubles tennis champion and is a member of the .

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Americans celebrate Franklin D Roosevelt as the president who led them out of the ..

Roosevelt grew up in an atmosphere of privilege. Sara was a possessive mother, while James was an elderly and remote father (he was 54 when Franklin was born). Sara was the dominant influence in Franklin's early years. Frequent trips to made Roosevelt conversant in and . He learned to ride, , , and play and .

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in the town of , . His father, , and his mother, , were each from wealthy old New York families, of and ancestry respectively. Franklin was their only child. His paternal grandmother, Mary Rebecca Aspinwall, was a first cousin of , wife of the fifth U.S. President, . One of his ancestors was John Lothropp, also an ancestor of and One of his distant relatives from his mother's side is the author . His maternal grandfather , a descendant of passengers , , , and , during a period of twelve years in China made more than a million dollars in the tea trade in , , and , but upon returning to the United States, he lost it all in the . In 1860, he returned to China and made a fortune in the notorious but highly profitable supplying opium-based medication to the during the but not exclusively.

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Roosevelt had affairs outside his marriage, including one with Eleanor's social secretary which began soon after she was hired in early 1914. In September 1918, Eleanor found letters revealing the affair in Roosevelt's luggage, when he returned from . According to the Roosevelt family, Eleanor offered Franklin a divorce so that he could be with the woman he loved, but Lucy, being Catholic, could not bring herself to marry a divorced man with five children. According to FDR's biographer it is generally accepted that Eleanor indeed offered "to give Franklin his freedom." However, they reconciled after a fashion with the informal mediation of Roosevelt's adviser , and FDR promised never to see Lucy again. Sara also intervened, and told Franklin that if he divorced his wife, he would bring scandal upon the family, and she "would not give him another dollar." Eleanor established a separate house in Hyde Park at .

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In 1919 the Roosevelts lived next door to Attorney General , and were present when a anarchist was killed in the botched bombing that was an attempt to assassinate Palmer. Also in 1919, Franklin Roosevelt helped and his fledgling get around export laws for shipping arms used against British troops in the .