- Forgiveness is the best form of love.

a) discuss this idea with your pastor, seek his advice, permission and support.
b) try to find support and help from other interested people.
c) arrange for pulpit and bulletin explanations and announcements; make mimeographed explanations available at the door or send them to the homes via the school children, with the support of the faculty.
d) publicize each Eucharistic Adoration that is going to be held, inviting others to come.
e) make it easy for individuals to sign up for particular hours for adoration if you are having any kind of a perpetual or partial adoration.
f) obtain capable and reliable speakers if a homily or meditation is on your program.

Forgiveness is a funny thing; it warms the heart and cools the sting.

Forgiveness education is one path toward peace and the International Forgiveness Institute is convinced that forgiveness is the missing piece to the peace puzzle.

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Forgiveness does not mean condoning what has been done.

Physically, forgiveness creates a higher quality of life, a healthier body, and a more positive attitude. It can reduce anger, bitterness, resentment and depression. Spiritually, forgiveness affirms what our faith usually requires of us and, therefore, helps us live a life of integrity. Socially, forgiveness reduces anger and resentment and often leads to an improvement in personal relationships with family, friends and community.

Forgiveness Prayer - Father Robert DeGrandis S.S.J

O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness for those wrongdoings for which I had turned repentant unto you but have done again. I seek your forgiveness for those deeds which I planned to do for your sake only but afterwards other interests not connected with You crept in, and I seek Your forgiveness for my taking advantage of the bounties, You gave me, in order to disobey You. I seek forgiveness of Allah (who is) “There is no god save He, the self-subsisting, the knower of the unknown and known, the beneficent, the merciful.” For all those sins which I have committed and for all those transgressions I perpetrated. O Allah grant me perfect ability to use, follow and apply reason, astute and keen determination, preponderant genius, pure heart, all-embracing wisdom and beautiful elegent manners. Let all these favours work for my good; let them not harm me, through your mercy, O the most merciful.

Heavens Helpers :: Recognizing Unforgiveness in you Life

Tremendous amount of our personal energy supply is tied up in negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and hate. Why? Because it takes a lot of work, attention—and energy—to hold a grudge and stay angry. The chi follows the yi. And if your yi, or intention, is concentrating on harboring old resentments, a good supply of your energy is tied up with maintaining those resentments, too. Some people have been angry for so long and so automatically, they don’t even realize it. But it’s easy to tell when you scan their aura: you feel heavy congestion and/or depletion of the front and back solar plexus and heart chakras. So, to help alleviate some of these negative emotions, we frequently do the following exercise, the Simple Practice of Forgiveness, prior to meditation. And we do it regularly as well because we’re all imperfect, and it’s tough to go through life without getting mad at someone or feeling slighted or resentful. It’s just one more tool to help you keep your energy supply clean and plentiful.

The Cycle of Forgiveness - The Meaningful Life Center

Take up God’s offer …. For God, we are not numbers, we are … the most important thing to him; even if we are sinners, we are what is closest to his heart. … let us be enveloped in the mercy of God; let us trust in his patience, which always gives us more time. Let us find the courage to … [allow] ourselves [to] be loved by him and to encounter his mercy in the sacraments. We will feel his wonderful tenderness, we will feel his embrace, and we too will become more capable of mercy, patience, forgiveness and love.5