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Parent support groups provide the opportunity to network, share, and learn from other adoptive parents who are experiencing or have experienced the same things as you. Use Child Welfare Information Gateway’s National Foster Care and Adoption Directory to .

Child Welfare Information Gateway has a great list of resources for adoptive parents on:
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Qualities of successful foster and adoptive parents are similar to all parents. Helpful qualities include being willing to seek out and use support services, learn new parenting techniques, and advocate for your child. Flexibility and humor go a long way as well! Critical to being a successful foster and adoptive parent is understanding the challenges these children have faced and not taking their behavior personally.

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Are there support groups for parents who adopt? How can I connect with other adoptive parents?
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Fostering first has the advantage of reducing the number of moves the child who may be placed in your home and allowing the child to live with the family before an adoption is finalized. It also enables a potential adoptive family to make connections with birth parents or other relatives that can be maintained in the future.