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Sandalwood chips are burned on charcoal for love, health, money drawing, and protection from evil.

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But it’s all an impossible quest for the real love that a mother and father failed to provide.

And then, with the collapse of sexual morality beginning in the 1960s, the final transformation was made: the long sought chalice of courtly love was filled with erotic sexuality; that is, lust.

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Therefore, only a renunciation of what you and a dedication to loving— real love rather than desperately searching to —can lead to anything psychologically and spiritually productive, and it’s the only attitude that can begin to carry you through the agony of human limitation and mortality.

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Rather than do all this hard work, it’s far easier to shrug your shoulders and say, “I was born this way,” and let it go at that.
Clinical work, however, shows that, for a boy, these conflicts often result from a love-hate relation with a .

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On the one hand the father is desired as a source of guidance and wisdom; on the other hand, the father is hated either for being too critical and authoritarian or for being too weak to defend the boy against an overbearing, critical mother.
Such a conflict about his father can cause a boy—even a boy of heterosexual desires—to be attracted to another man’s or or (as a symbolic yearning for what the father failed to provide) while also secretly disliking the other man because of some flaw he has.
Consequently, men who act out the male-to-male love-hate conflict sexually tend to adopt behavior characterized by both vanity (the desire to be desired) and jealousy (unconscious ).