Shifting Economies in the European Union - Views of the …

Nothing remains static for long; you either change and move forward or you slip backwards. This simple truth has governed the thinking of those who shaped the European project since its earliest beginnings. From the first day in 1951 when the European Coal and Steel Community was established, change and progress have never stopped, bringing us today to a European Union of 25-plus, with a unified Single Market and a common currency for those in the euro.

The European Union is a geo-political entity covering a large portion of the European continent

Europe is only considering this oxymoron because of pressure from the USA whose only objective in this is more nuclear bases to surround the Middle East. If Turkey wants union with the West, their best move is to become a part of the USA. That is where it appears their military objectives lie. Not with Europe or the European people.

Shifting Economies in the European Union - Views of …

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Another issue is one of culture and involves the contentious question of to what extent there are a “European identity” and a common purpose that extends beyond economic co-operation and success. There is such a thing as a “European identity” that is relevant for the Union of nations that we have today. There should be no reason why the Union should not be extended to any neighboring state that is willing to accept the basic rules of membership, as laid down by the European Council in Copenhagen in 1993.

Commission proposes major corporate tax reform for the EU

2) Economic. As long as the EU doesn’t have its house in order in its present composition, admitting new members should be filtered. It looks to me some candidates want membership to get financial help, whereas the original idea behind the Union, as far as I’ve understood, was to increase wealth in member states and boost their economies and international competitiveness instead of becoming a distributor of welfare subsidies.

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I think that Turkey joining the EU will just add more problems to a plain weak european union. Im sorry but from my humble and non-expert point of view the constant expanding of EU is just its path to decay. EU is an old and tired organisation and cannot keep on expanding like its doing today. Turkey, to speak honestly, is just democratic on the papers but I personally DO NOT WANT a country where so much violence against women takes place, not to mention all the other issues, like immigration rates that will rise and so on.
The main reason I do not want Turkey in Eu is becaue of its hard line with Cyprus, they never admitted they are dead wrong, they never admitted that their occupation in the north part of the island is not legal, they claim the false. They never reckonized the reality of the Armenian genocide, never apologized, nothing. Their pozition is not like German’s in the end of WWII. Moreover, EUROPE should ask with a referendum its citizens if they want or not the entrance of turkey because EU is not certainly a Muslim Organisation and make Turkey join in will open the doors on the east’s muslim world, and they would want to join also. Another thing is tha EUROPE is a western organisation and turkey, geographycally speaking, belong to the East. Turkey is not in europe so I do not see why inclunding a non-european country inside a european organisation. Politics only are interested in the economical benefits they would be of turkey comes in but we cant focus just on economy and oversee all other matters.
Also Turkey had always had very bad foreign relations with the neiboor country Greece, and is surely not promoting the great EUROPEAN VALUES as long as Greece is concerned.
European expanding and integration and so on is just bullshits. The multicultural framework has failed and eurpe must face this fact and must LISTEN to its citizens. Do they want a weak organisation keep growing like this ???? ASK US, if you are really democratic, you EU Politicians must aks us about this matter.
For me if I was ever being asked about Turkey I say NO. And from what I know Turks do not want to enter EU either. Ask them also, ask if the turks want or not to join the EU community. LET PEOPLE SPEAK NOT JUST ECONOMY!!!

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And last of all i do not understand why Turkey still wants to join the pathetic and incompetent EU anyway, they already have trade rights within the EU and at the moment, the whole of Europe is in a world
Of financial struggle and they won’t be out of the woods for a long time to come!