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Lotus, featuring the work of seven female artists, draws on traditions of myth making, magic, ritual, and performance, to create a dialogue with the rich feminist artistic and literary history that explores the presentation of the self and offers occult ways to re-imagine history’s flow. Engaging with ideas of tradition, myth, mysticism and the occult, seven artists work towards alternative visions of the past and future, offering strategies for making, practicing and performing that re-conceive notions of tradition, deep time and prophecy. Poised precariously between a futuristic utopianism and nostalgic dreams of re-enchantment, these artists establish esoteric solidarities in working and making that serve to ground new, feminist histories of the self.

Misdirected prophecies of feminism’s future – The Mercury …

Tuesday 21st November, 7-8:30pm at Bosse & Baum
Drawing on parallel investigations of feminism, ritual, collaborative practice and imagined post-patriarchal futures, the artists Florence Peake, Tai Shani, Miriam Austin & Anna Hughes will be present for a discussion set in the context of the current exhibition, Lotus, at Bosse & Baum.

Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future