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Department of Family Services Main Number, Also Public Assistance Customer Care

Child Protective Services Hotline
Domestic & Sexual Violence Hotline ; TTY 711
Adult Protective Services Hotline ; TTY 711

Other Department of Family Services Numbers
Aging, Disability & Caregiver Resources ; TTY
Office for Children ; TTY 711
Medicaid Fraud
Welfare Fraud

Outside of Department of Family Services
Artemis House (Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence) ; TTY 711
Short-Term, Emergency Help for Basic Needs (Fairfax County Human Services, Coordinated Services Planning) ; TTY 711

Diane Daly, CNFPEDirector, Office of Natural Family Planning11700 Studt Ave., Suite CSt.

In 2016, over 300,000 women and men received services through the NYSDOH family planning program; more than 50,000 of those receiving care were adolescents.

What is Natural Family Planning

The Family Planning Program promotes the well being of families, responsible behavior, and healthy mothers and babies. Our goal is prevent unintended pregnancies through education and contraceptive services, allowing for the planning and timing of pregnancies.

The Dynamics of Family Planning

New York State law guarantees that all women enrolled in managed care (not only those insured by Medicaid) can go directly to any family planning provider within their plan network, without a referral from their primary care provider.

Family Planning Services | DSHS

Family planning services are also available through Child and Family Services / Public Health Alliance sites. Services are offered utilizing a sliding fee schedule. For more information, call the in your area. Rapid HIV testing is also available at the following sites when indicated.

Orange County, California - Family Planning Services

13 February 2018: Crucial to the success of family planning efforts worldwide is a well-educated and trained health workforce, and for whom, this new edition of , commonly known as the FP Global Handbook has been published today.

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In 2016, our North Dakota family planning clinics saw over 7,500 unduplicated clients. A huge thank-you to the following clinics for your passion and commitment in serving and making a difference in so many lives:

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Contact the chancery or marriage and family life director in your Church to learn more.
If you are seeking NFP services, most Eastern Churches take advantage of NFP programs run by the local Roman Catholic diocese.