Massachusetts declares war on the Wabanaki after several violent confrontations on the New England frontier. Dummer's War, also known as English-Indian War, Räle War or Father Rasles War. Bounties are offered for every Wabanaki scalp brought in, man, woman, or child.


By 1755 the cold war existing between France and Great Britain was beginning to heat up. News of French military activity in North America was received with real concern in London for it seemed to indicate that the French were violating the signed in 1713. By its terms France had ceded to Great Britain its claims to the Hudson Bay Company territories (Rupert's Land), Newfoundland and Acadia. France retained the island of St. Jean (now Prince Edward Island) and Cape Breton Island upon which the French erected the fortress of Louisbourg.

Capuchins establish a school at LeHave for Mi'kmaw children.

sails from France with 300 people hoping to establish a permanent French settlement in Acadia

While previous British governors had been conciliatory towards the Acadians, Governor was prepared to take drastic action. He saw the Acadian question as a strictly military matter. After Fort Beauséjour fell to the English forces in June 1755, Lawrence noted that there were some 270 Acadian militia among the fort's inhabitants ‒ so much for their professed neutrality.

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The migrations of the Acadians to a new continued into the 1820s. Throughout the ordeal they maintained their sense of identity, as indeed they do today ‒ a remarkable demonstration of human will in the face of cruelty.

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The expulsion proved to have been as unnecessary on military grounds as it was later judged inhumane. Lawrence's lack of imagination played as big a part as greed, confusion, misunderstanding, and fear.

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A year later on October 19, 1760 Governor Lawrence suddenly died. He was fifty-nine. Acadians must have wondered at the words of the local press which lamented the loss of and eulogized him as someone who had Lawrence was buried in Halifax in St. Paul's, Canada's oldest Protestant church in what was described as It is claimed by a tour guide that when Acadians visit the church, many are delighted to discover they can walk on the grave of the man who caused their ancestors so much misery.

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Whatever the rights or wrongs of the draconian decision made by Nova Scotia's British Governor Lawrence during those tense and very anxious times, he inflicted by a deliberate and calculated act of military policy terrible hardships and lamentable heartbreak on the residents of Acadia. Hence the tragic tale of the expulsion of the Acadians. Thus the Acadians passed from the land of their birth and from the scenes of their youth. Some were to wander as exiles in many lands for many years, separated from their children and from their kind, while others who were more fortunate regained their native soil.